Welcome to the Fairyarium – a fairy world.  “Arium” in Latin means, “a place for.”  Just as an aquarium is a place for fish and a solarium is a place for sunlight, a fairyarium is a place for fairies!  Whether you are a grown-up fairy lover, the parent of a fairy loving child, or just looking for the best resources for fairy literature and crafts, we’ve sourced it all for you.  You’ll find all the answers to your fairy questions, and links to the best of fairy treasures, here in the fairyarium. Buzz on in and take a peek!

7 Responses

  1. Congratulations on your new blog!! Thanks for signing up for Silliness!

  2. I’ve read through your blog and love it. I especially love the fairy hearts.

  3. I have made several fairy houses, using wooden bird houses and silk flowers. see at http://www.tangledthreads-beads.blogspot.com/

    they are great fun to make.

  4. faeries–springtime when they emerge

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