How I met my fairy Godmother

How I met my fairy Godmother

First off, everyone has one, sometimes more than one.  You may not have formally met her, but she’s out there – keeping an eye on things.  When you get that parking space, wish come true,  lucky break – that’s your fairy Godmother at work.  I first “met” mine when I was about seven years old.  I had been very helpful that day,  playing peacefully with my baby brothers, taking my own dishes to the kitchen, that sort of thing.  In the evening, my father said,

“Look, look – it’s your fairy Godmother.”

I went running into the living-room, but all I saw was my father standing alone.

“Where is she?  I don’t see her.”

The truth is, I didn’t even know who she was!  I’d never heard of a fairy Godmother before, but the excitement in his voice told me she was someone special.

“She’s right here, standing next to me.”

“Daddy, there’s no one there.”

He looked around, up and down, behind himself and behind me.

“She was here a minute ago,” he said.  Then he looked up at the rafter in the ceiling.

“Oh, there she is,” he said, pointing.

I still couldn’t see her, but he reached up, as if taking something from her, and then held it out to me.   It was a box of MAGIC ROCKS.  They were truly amazing.  You put them in a fishbowl full of water and within a few days they grew into a multi-colored sea of coral-like formations.  I had wanted them for weeks.

“Thank you, Daddy!”

“Don’t thank me, thank your fairy Godmother.”

He pointed toward the ceiling, and I thanked her even though I still couldn’t see her.  I never did figure out how that box of MAGIC ROCKS miraculously appeared in his hand, but why question it?   For a long time afterward, my fairy Godmother would show up now and then, with a little giftie for me – always when my father was home and available to act as medium.

The tradition continues with my own daughter, who still receives a few gifts from her FG each year, even though she’s all grown up.  Like I said, we all have one, even if we’ve forgotten her for awhile – she hasn’t forgotten us.

I’d love to hear your fairy Godmother stories.  Please, do tell.

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