Joyful with Jane Davenport

The Fairy Lady (me) has been having heaps of fun in Jane Davenport’s online class, Joynal.  We have been drawing fairies and creating a muse for our studios.  Her classes are truly inspiring if ever oh ever you want to dive into drawing and painting.

My Butterfly Fairy from Jane Davenport's class, Joynal.

My Butterfly Fairy from Jane Davenport’s class, Joynal. Adrienne Keith – Fairyarium – 2015

Autobiography of A Fairy – A True Story

For generations, the story of fairy life and lore has been told by those who witnessed or heard about it.  Now, I am telling the true story, the story only a fairy can tell.  Time has come to dispel the myths and reveal the truths of my people.  I have been scribbling notes on every leaf, rock, and tree I can find.  I will soon be sharing all of this, with you, dear reader…

Mermaid Circus!

Sometimes fairies like to meet up with friends of other persuasions.  I’ve been doing just that, and swimming with some wonderful mermaids lately.  It’s been great fun taking Jane Davenport and Teesha Moore’s journaling class, “Mermaid Circus.”  The theme, of course, is mermaids, and the techniques are beyond magic!  Check out the fun at Jane’s site.

Rainbow Road at Fairy Hill


Fairy Cakes


Two Wishes

They say that no two snowflakes are identical.  I say that no two wishes are either.

Petal Snow

In the Spring a snow falls down
petal pink upon the ground
swirling blossoms fill the air
flower power everywhere!

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