About Fairyarium

Our first fairy book

The Fairy Box

It all began with a box, a little plastic box without a lid.  My daughter was three and wanted to know what was in the box.  I peered inside – nothing.  How disappointing.  But then – out flew a fairy.  She was invisible of course, but that didn’t stop her.  She flew from the box to  a twig,  turned and tiptoed to a poppy petal, plopped down, and took a nap.  Soon, she was everywhere in our house – popping bubbles in the bathtub, stealing cookie crumbs, and leaving mudprints on the floor.

We decided she needed her very own house, so, with the help of our creative pal, Wendy Wallin Malinow – http://www.etsy.com/shop/eyefun we made a “Fairy Box” for her and she’s lived there ever since.  We realized that every fairy needs a fairy box, so we wrote a book (and then another – Fairies From A to Z and Fairies:  Celebrations From Season to Season, published by Tricycle Press http://www.amazon.com/Fairies-Z-Fairy-Box-Book/dp/1883672104) and put a fairy box in the back of each book.

Our second fairy book.

It turns out fairies enjoy all kinds of abodes.  They love to curl up in teacups, and nestle in shoes, not to mention all their favorite outdoor haunts – like tree trunks, pea pods, and walnut shells.  A fairy can create a Fairyarium almost anywhere.  All that’s needed is something gold, something goo, something hollowed, and something dew.

Left out on porch for fairies to hide in

You can make it even easier on the fairies by setting out some of  their favorite things:  seed pods, pussy willow pillows,  walnut shells,  moss,  and a sprinkle of good cheer.

–  The Fairy Lady

2 Responses

  1. What a lovely book! Wonderful way to introduce children to faeries. Then, for adults, there’s this: http://www.fairycottages.com

    • Oooh, your fairy houses are magical. I am going to etsy right now to check them out. Thanks for popping in to my blog. Come back and visit again!

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