Autobiography of A Fairy – A True Story

For generations, the story of fairy life and lore has been told by those who witnessed or heard about it.  Now, I am telling the true story, the story only a fairy can tell.  Time has come to dispel the myths and reveal the truths of my people.  I have been scribbling notes on every leaf, rock, and tree I can find.  I will soon be sharing all of this, with you, dear reader…

What The Fairies Have Been Up To In 2011

A Visitor

This was a year of making “Fairyariums” for others, revitalizing a forest, establishing The International Fairy Historical Society, and working on The Autobiography of A Fairy.  Much more to come on all of those activities in 2012!  Happy New Year!

Fairy Tribes

Many cultures in many different countries are known to believe in tiny, invisible (or partly visible), beings widely known as fairies. In each land you will find that there are various types or tribes of fairies.  In general, fairies can be categorized  as spirit beings belonging to one of the four elements of nature:  Earth, Air, Water, & Fire.  According to W.Y. Evans-Wentz (fairy expert and author of The Fairy Faith In Celtic Countries), Gnomes, pixies, leprechauns and other rock dwelling elves are all Earth fairies.  Fairies of the air are those that inhabit the sky, such as Sylphs, Gentry, and the flittering fairies of Shakespeare’s dramas.  Water fairies, or Undines, are sea, lake, river, stream, pond and puddle dwellers.  Fire fairies are often called Salamanders – those ethereal, hovering sprites who linger near the flickering flames of candle, fire, and sunlight.  Whatever you call them, if you are lucky enough to catch a glimpse of their sparkling wings, or hear the quiet melody of their music, you will be forever enchanted by their magic.

Are Fairies Real?

The Fairy Lady is often asked if fairies are real.  Like many of the magical mysteries of this world, fairies show themselves in subtle ways.  I always look for signs of fairies – sparkles on the water, petal paths, rings of flowers in the grass.  You will know if you’ve seen a fairy by the excitement you feel when light flickers quickly through the air and your heart skips a beat.  Here’s a photo taken by Jeff Wallin, the brother of Wendy Wallin Malinow, who illustrated our  Fairy Box Books.  We were at a signing at the famous Powell’s Books in Portland, Oregon.  A little girl asked if fairies were real.  At that moment, she peeked inside a fairy box and Jeff snapped a picture.  He managed to capture one of those  magical moments I’m talking about.  Look at the lower right hand side of the photo.  There is a little girl looking down into a fairy box.  Do you see the light coming out of the top of the box.  Now ask yourself, are fairies real?

Fairy In Box!

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