A School For Dream Makers

Last week, The Fairy Lady had the pleasure of visiting a wonderful school for young creative minds in Portland, Oregon.  Currently located at the Northwest Children’s Theater (1819 NW Everett St.), A Renaissance School of Arts & Sciences is a magical place to learn (see photos below).   I was completely enchanted as I walked into a classroom full of children who were happily focused on projects ranging from building fairy houses, to creating electrical connections from batteries for lighting  their constructions, to planting, observing, and recording the growth of plants.  The school is a combination art studio, exploratorium, and design technology workshop.  It is a year-round school, with a month-long break in August. Students use projects in art, design, engineering, and the sciences to explore the K-8 curriculum.  I have worked at, and visited, many schools as an author and teacher and have never seen the focus, joy, collaborative spirit, and independence that I witnessed at the Renaissance School.  If you have school age children, I encourage you to find out more about the Renaissance School.  Fairyosity Guaranteed!

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