Are Fairies Real?

The Fairy Lady is often asked if fairies are real.  Like many of the magical mysteries of this world, fairies show themselves in subtle ways.  I always look for signs of fairies – sparkles on the water, petal paths, rings of flowers in the grass.  You will know if you’ve seen a fairy by the excitement you feel when light flickers quickly through the air and your heart skips a beat.  Here’s a photo taken by Jeff Wallin, the brother of Wendy Wallin Malinow, who illustrated our  Fairy Box Books.  We were at a signing at the famous Powell’s Books in Portland, Oregon.  A little girl asked if fairies were real.  At that moment, she peeked inside a fairy box and Jeff snapped a picture.  He managed to capture one of those  magical moments I’m talking about.  Look at the lower right hand side of the photo.  There is a little girl looking down into a fairy box.  Do you see the light coming out of the top of the box.  Now ask yourself, are fairies real?

Fairy In Box!

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  1. That is so magical! No coincidence there.

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