Ask The Fairy Lady

Do you have a question about fairies?  Ask The Fairy Lady.

Dear Fairy Lady,

Are fairies real?



Dear Wondering:

This is a question I am frequently asked.  I always answer it with another question (I can’t help it, it’s the fairyologist in me).  Have you ever seen something flitter by out of the corner of your eye?  Perhaps you’ve noticed, for an instant, a tiny burst of light.  These are fairy sightings!  They happen frequently and quickly. When we are too busy rushing from one place to another, we often don’t stop long enough to even register that we’ve noticed something.  Slow down a little bit!  The next time you see something flash by, make note.  You have probably just seen a fairy!!!

Best Wishes,

The Fairy Lady

Dear Fairy Lady:

What do fairies eat?

Yours Truly,


Dear Curious:

Fairies like to eat many of the same things humans do.  They love sunflower seeds and berries.  They nibble on nuts and mint leaves.  I often leave a few goodies for them on a flat rock in my garden:  tiny alpine strawberries, a few pistachios, an acorn cup of water.  By the next day, the food is almost always gone.  Sometimes they’ll even leave me a little flower petal as a “thank you.”  Try it!

Best Wishes,

The Fairy Lady

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